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  • Pharmaceutical
    In the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, quality control is vital to the successful development, manufacturing, and use of drugs meant to save lives. It determines the quality and stability of drug products via pharmaceutical analysis; it includes areas such as method validation, handling raw materials and finished products, documentations, inspections that impact the development of pharmaceutical products that are governed by specified rules.

  • Environmental Monitoring
    Air monitoring can be either periodic or continuous and is the quantitative or qualitative assessment of the extent of pollutants in or around the workplace. It is used to ensure compliance with appropriate legislation and to evaluate control measures. There are numerous approaches to measuring dangerous substances in air ranging from simple passive sampling techniques to sophisticated remote sensing devices. A monitoring strategy should be in place taking into account the most appropriate methodology in terms of costs and practicability

  • Catalyst – Fuel Cells - Hydrogen
    The use of catalysts is vitally important to all areas of modern life and the economic impact of catalysis is huge, contributing 30–40%of global GDP. It is estimated that 85% of all manufactured products involve catalysis somewhere in their production chain, and such products have considerable impact in: Energy – petrochemicals Healthcare – pharmaceuticals Materials – polymers, batteries Transport – catalytic convertors Environment – water, air quality and bio–produced materials

  • Petrochemical Industry
    The petrochemical industry faces many challenges from personnel and site safety, product quality and operational performance to asset integrity management, risk identification and regulatory compliance. Petrochemical analysis is conducted by industries across the world to ASTM, ISO, IP, and other accepted chemical industry standards and protocols. Materials tested include the entire complex range of hydrocarbon based chemicals derived from petroleum, natural gas, coal, and biomass.

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